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What is Urticaria

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Urticaria is derived from Latin word Urtica commonly referred to as Hives. It is kind of skin rash pale red , itchy, bumps and raised. 
It can cause burning or stinging sensation
They are varying in shapes and sizes
Mostly it stays acute but if not treated it can become chronic Urticaria as well
It is one kind of allergic reaction

Ayurvedic causes of Urticaria/ Ayurvedic understanding of Urticaria

In Ayurveda it is called as Shit Pitta. Shit means cold ( Kapha ) and Pitta
So cold winds external and heat of body aggravates it 
When Pitta dosha spreads in Rakta Dhatu 

Caues of Urticaria

Allergic reaction
Aggravated kapha and pitta dosha
Eating oily spicy food, exposure to cold winds, cold weather, eating junk food, sever stress
Constipation of long time, Eating too much fermented food

Symptoms of Urticaria

Sever itchy rash, it may be to single part or multiple area on body or sometime even whole body is affected

Pitta patients will also have signs of gas, bloating, acidity, skin dryness, premature greying, headache on delaying meals or exposure to sun 

Ayurvedic treatment of Urticaria, Ayurvedic treatment of ShitPitta

Home remedies for Shitpitta , Home remedies for Urticaria

Taking ajwaing Trachyspermum ammi mix with jaggery with warm water helps

Kalimirch( blackpepper )  mixed with ghee ( clarified butter ) is also helpful

There are many ayurvedic herbs and doing panchakarma gives excellent results

avoid food which aggravates Kapha and Pitta

We have thousands of cases got completely cured with our Ayurvedic treatment for Urticaria shitpitta

Q- Can Ayurveda help me curing Urticaria with   herbal medicine?
A- Yes Ayurveda is the oldest medical science on earth and treatment of such diseases are very effective

Q-I am taking allopathic medicine can I take your herbs with my Allopathic medicine?
A - If you are taking then we ask you to continue in same manner and there wont be any contrast changes in the body. Our herbs will be acting at the root cause so gradually intake of western medicine can be reduced after getting improved using our Ayurvedic medicine for Urticaria

Q- I do not stay in India. Is it possible to buy herbs online or Online consultation?
A- Certainly we are treating so many patients globally and foreign patients are mainly taking online treatment and getting better. More than 95 % foreign patients are treated  online unless either one wishes for personal consultation based on individual need

Q- Is  Ayurvedic treatment safe?
A- It is one of the most safest and does not produce any side effects- However one needs to be take them under Ayurvedic physician and follow the protocols perfectly

Q- How long the treatment lasts ?
A-Its based on the different factors

Q - Dr Paneri?
A - Dr Paneri

Dr. Ravi Paneri is an internationally well-known sixth generation Ayurveda Health Practitioner from India.

He started his apprenticeship in Ayurvedic medicines at the age of twelve.

He specializes in lifestyle workshops and retreats all around the world. He integrates the intelligence of Vedic Ancient Knowledge in forms of Ayurvedic Nutrition, Pulse Diagnosis, Lifestyle Evaluation and combines the best of Eastern and Western lifestyle thinking.

He focuses on helping people listen to the intelligence of their body and live life without limits He has studied and traveled widely around the globe gathering knowledge and for consultations. He at the very young age has traveled often to UK, Europe, North America, Middleast, Africa and Far east for consultations and travels regularly.

Some of his clients are form Indian Cinema as well as he writes in Print Media in USA regularly.


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